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Basic Concepts - covers vocabulary, applications and use of computers, IT and society and other general issues. How to work with a keyboard. How to work with a mouse. Know and use your computer hardware and software. How to use an Anti Virus programme.

Operating Systems - Using the computer and managing files deals mostly with the use of the operating system. How to work with dialogue boxes and menus. How to work with files and folders.

Internet Skills  - How to navigate a web site. How to search for a topic on the Web. How to download information from the Internet.

Word Processing - How to create and edit documents. How to create and manage files. Formatting and preparing documents for printing.

Spreadsheets - Work in a spreadsheet. Create a basic budget. Enter and edit formulas. Work with worksheets and workbooks.

Presentation Tools - How to develop a presentation. Adding and editing slides in a presentation. Showing and printing a presentation.

Email skills - Create and send an email. Attaching files to an email. How to organise your in and outbox. How to set up and manage your address book and contacts.

Value Added Stuff - Plus lots of videos, programmes and How To stuff to enhance your comprehension of hardware, software and solutions.

Anti Virus, Anti Identity Theft Software included on our DVD’s - protect yourself, your personal identity, passwords, your computers, tablets and cellp hones against computer viruses and cyber crimes.

Pre and Post Assessments - a fantastic tool to report on your understanding and progress. A handy tool for schools and businesses.

This Multimedia Training DVD is perfect for primary and secondary schools, students, families, youth and businesses!
Training Standards Info - The ECDL is recognised as an international standard for end-user computing skills and is endorsed by a number of universities, colleges and schools in S A.

 In Sub Saharan Africa (excluding Zimbabwe), it is administered by ICDL South Africa, a body established by the CSSA ( Computer Society of South Africa).

A Computer Literate Nation!  | Get Skilled Now!  Cell - 076 086 2130