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Internet bandwidth is still too expensive for most people in Southern Africa to engage in online learning solutions.  Schools and libraries do not have enough computers for everyone. Employees are losing out on computer literacy courses because of their busy schedules.  

We have come up with  a solution to enable everyone to become a competent computer user.

These DVD’s are distributed at career expos, open days and on road shows. And soon at shops and other public places. Every school should have these DVD’s.

You can also order online and pay for packaging and postage only.

What is SAQA?


Careers & Jobs.

Everywhere you go whether it is a mechanic's shop or a fast food restaurant, some form of technology and computers is being used. Everyone needs basic computer skills to function in today's job market.

The basic computer skills that every person regardless of age should know includes common application programs such as Word Processing and Spreadsheets.

You should know how to go online, check your email account, send mail with an attachment and how to use simple email features.

The use of email and familiarity with the Internet are becoming basic requirements for almost every job.

Most jobs are posted online and how can a person respond to an online advertisement without knowing how an email works?

Value Added “How To’s”
* How to explore the Internet User Guide
* How to set up your Email User Guide
* How to install Joomla - A web design solution
* How to develop your own web site User Guide
* How to install an Anti Virus Programme
* And many more for your convenience
Future DVD’s - Small Networks
* Home and Office Networks
* DLNA Digital Living Network Alliance
* UPnP - Universal Plug and Play Networks
* GO Digital - Digital television networks
No-one needs a small business, home or school server if they’re happy to work tirelessly across multiple computers and devices and live under the shadow of data loss.

A Computer Literate Nation!  | Get Skilled Now!  Cell - 076 086 2130